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Office chair repair services

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We can repair any mechanical issues from castors to mechanisms including gas lifts, arms etc.  Whatever your issues are we can help to resolve them.


This option is environmentally friendly and saves both money and waste.

• Savings of 60% and often more verses the cost of new furniture.

• 100% tax relief on repairs.

• Extends the lifespan of your initial investment.

• Environmentally friendly - saves waste.

• Employee motivation - shows you care about their comfort and safety.

• We understand the ramifications of health and safety at work.

• Do your part for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by recycling and reusing old furniture, but let us help you give it a great new look.

"Their expertise is valued and we know that we can trust their advice on any type of chair repair."

Procurement Officer

Bournemouth Borough Council

recycle Office chair repaired by Suttons

See the difference Suttons could make to your office furniture.

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